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Hello! Let me introduce us - we are Robert and Renee Geniole. We have both called Chatham-Kent our home for some time now, and have a wonderful household of teenagers to support! Robert is one of those tech guys who loves to play with machines of any sort, and I spent a few years working in a technical support role which allowed me to learn many great skills in computers and networking. We both grew up when the age of computers exploded, and now we recognize how technology is a major part of our daily lives.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us for your computer and home networking needs. We are a Chatham based family, who want to grow and develop this great home-based business. Here's why...

Chatham-Kent has a serious need for affordable assistance in home computer and networking needs. The majority of need comes from the average user, and we are here to help those users - like YOU! We are not a corporation, we're not into big business solutions, we want to help the families who have average user needs. We want to help the students who need their laptops working at top speeds, the mom's who can't get their printer to connect, the grandparents who are brand new users who can't seem to get emails, and I could go on. :)

This is our goal - to be that solution that you need.

Feel free to send us an email, message or give us a call. We'll introduce ourselves, take some time to hear what your needs are, and do what we can to fix your tech troubles.

Please see our general information page for what we offer, pricing guidelines, and reach out. We can help get you, or keep you running, and not take a serious hit in your pocketbook!