The Clean Up $25


Get rid of those pop-ups.

Reload Me $40


Get a fresh start.

What we offer

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Free Estimates - first and foremost we will have a look and tell you what your issues are - no strings attached.

Need a clean up? Too many pop ups, or browser running slow? - $25

Beyond cleaning - your operating system needs a fresh installation? Including a recovery of files (so you don't lose all your pictures, etc) - $40

Accidentally overwrite everything you had saved? Hard drive finally refuse to boot back up? Let us have a look and see if there's anything there to recover. These will be priced on a case by case basis - with an estimate provided at the time.

If we determine that your computer needs a bigger repair job than just a cleaning or formatting we will provide clear and precise communication about what we think the issue may be. If you decide not to proceed, as we state earlier, it will not cost you any money and your computer will be returned in the same state we found it.

**Free pick up and drop off of computers needing repair within the Chatham-Kent area.**

We also provide in home services if you are having networking issues - such as not being able to get your wifi up and running, printer issues, etc. These will be based on an hourly rate - started at $25/hour.

Each customer will be provided an email copy of your computer details, along with pictures of your equipment, with a guarantee that it will come back in the same, or BETTER, condition in which we took it.